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Re-entry is harder than exiting.

This is my second blog.  I set one up many years ago (ca. 2004) when blogging just began to proliferate.  That one was a personal account of my adventures with a massive health crisis, and it lasted only a few months.  Probably because I was dealing with a massive health crisis, and I realized the internets are full of massive health crisis drama and didn’t need my blog to add to the crushing weight of Schadenfreude.  (I was wrong, since the advent of Facebook friends, Failblog.org, and the 2012 Republican primary season have concentrated Schadenfreude into a neutron star of a difficult-to-watch train wreck of failure on the internet.)

This blog will be different than the old one.  Now that I’m a mother and writer in addition to an archaeologist and eclectic geeky fan-girl, I’ve got tons more to write about.

Like this:

My next post will be a review of the use of archaeology and archaeologists as characters in literature, from the point of view of an archaeologist and a life-long fan of science-fiction, fantasy and genre fiction and movies, in greater detail than this article at tvtropes.

I’m developing a spreadsheet of stories that employ archaeology or archaeologists as characters, and would love input to round it out.

What are your favorite characters and stories (from books, movies, comics, TV shows, manga)?  What are the ones that didn’t work?  Which ones were particularly bad?  What role did archaeology play in your favorite stories, and did it work?  Extra credit for those who provide links or publication history for others to dig into the archaeological fun.



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